Saturday, June 6, 2009

You Vill Answer Ze Questions

Crime Always Pays, run by the multi-talented renaissance man (and no relation) Declan Burke focuses on Irish crime writing (which seems to be on quite a roll these days). Occasionally Dec will strap a writer into a chair, attach electrodes to sensitive parts, beat them with a rubber hose and shine bright lights in their eyes while subjecting them to an intimidating barrage of questions*.

Yours truly was recently lucky to escape with minor injuries from such an interrogation and the results can be seen here.

Thanks Dec, medical bills are in the post.

*Some of this may be untrue or slightly exaggerated.


Karen Dionne said...

"Most satisfying writing moment? Getting that phone call. No, not the one from the clinic, the other one; the one where someone says they’d like to publish you."

Man, you got that right! There's nothing like it. Congrats, Bob!

JJ Cooper said...

Nice use of interrogatives from Declan. Just a little more work needed on the props for an interrogation though.

Congrats, Bob.