Monday, July 20, 2009

ThrillerFest 2009, an After-Action Report


Landed at Newark-Liberty International Airport at 2pm. Navigated my way to the AirTrain. Got off at the wrong stop. Reboarded the Airtrain. Got off at the right stop. Bought a ticket for a runaway train. Stopped singing Soul Asylum and bought a ticket for a NJ Transit train. Lounged my way to Penn Station. De-boarded the NJ Transit train and looked for the up-escalator. Up-escalator was broken. I pouted. Hefted my luggage up the stairs to the subway. Took the subway to 42nd Street. Hefted my luggage down the stairs to the 7. Took the subway easterly to…42nd Street. De-boarded the subway and looked for the up-escalator. Up-escalator was broken. I pouted. Hefted my luggage up the stairs to the Grand Central Station terminal. Overwhelmed by Grand Central Station. Overwhelmed by puddle of sweat accumulating at my feet. Navigated toward my palatial hotel (room rates negotiated by the gun-toting protagonists of ITW's board). Check-in. Rode world’s fastest elevator up to the 18th floor. Waited for spleen to join the rest of my body and then I proceed to my room. Need to take a shower. Opted instead to head down to the signings. Introduced myself again (after 22 yrs) to Jon Land. Dripped sweat on his book. Read the lovely inscription he wrote. Floated back to the 18th floor. Nap. Dinner. Phone calls. Writing. Nap.


Met agent for lunch. Asked me if I like seafood. Yes. Took me to the Oyster Bar. Consumed best lobster roll ever (sorry, Maine). Watched him eat raw tuna. Went back to the hotel for more panels. Met Jordan White at a comic book shop for dinner. Dinner not eaten at comic book shop but rather at Junior’s in Grand Central. Much fun had. Accompanied friend Jordan White to Drag Me to Hell. Much fun had. Confused, though, by tables and chairs in Times Square.

FRIDAY, July 10

Met editor for breakfast. 90 minutes of absolutely pleasant conversation and absolutely delicious pancakes. Attended more panels. Surprised/amused by hostility of some in audience. Met up with other debut authors for late night drinks. Absolutely decent shirley temple and absolutely pleasant conversation.


Crawled to 8am panel. Ate eggs, bacon, and butterflies. All abound in belly as crowd enters. Informed that we need to stand up and hold a microphone when we present our books. Not amused. #8 in line. Stood up, held microphone, presented book. Laughter. No sure whether with me or at me. Attended another panel, then signing. During signing, browsed through amazing photographs of Chilean volcano. Returned to room. Took a power nap until 4:30pm. Attended cocktail party. 250 people squashed shoulder-to-shoulder and martini-to-martini. Miraculously found by editor. Instructed to meet at pillar. 8 pillars to choose from. Wandered. Finally found correct pillar, my publisher, and publisher’s luminary writers. Headed over to restaurant for banquet. Literally stopped traffic on 42nd Street. Take that, David Merrick. Sat at MIRA table. Felt like one of the cool kids. Ate magnificent feast. Watched magnificent people receive magnificent awards. Returned to hotel for post-banquet cocktail party. Returned to hotel room for post-post-banquet cocktail party nap.

SUNDAY, July 12

Took a car to Newark. Had to give driver an organ to pay for fare. Reflected on week that was. Smiled. Ate cereal bar. Corralled to row on plane. Sat. Waited 90 minutes on tarmac before takeoff.

Still smiling.

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Unknown said...

Yeah. Exactly that. BEST TIME EVER.