Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seth Harwood, Tyrus Books and YOUNG JUNIUS

ITW member Seth Harwood (Jack Wakes Up) has something exciting going on over at his site today: he’s launching the pre-order sales of his new novel YOUNG JUNIUS, which is due out this fall. This is partly worth noting because Seth’s path to publication involves giving away his work for free as MP3 audiobooks. You can even listen to all of YOUNG JUNIUS before you make a buy. If you’re a fan of crime or hard boiled fiction, or you dig The Wire, you’ll love this book!

Now, Seth is partnering with independent publisher Tyrus Books to break new ground in publishing strategies. To read the full description of what he’s up to, go here. The brief version involves the pre-order of special, limited edition copies of the book that feature cloth binding, fan-created cover art, photos of the story’s locations, signed personalization and more. By offering these for a limited time via his site, he and Tyrus are able to print just the quantity sold and balance some of the cost (reduce the risk) of the book’s full print run–hardcover, paperback AND special edition.

If you’d like to read more about this or order a copy, head over to

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