Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2012 Debut Releases

Happy June and Happy Thrilling Thursday. The first of every month we will feature members of our Debut Authors Program. We are excited to announce that five members have books being released in June 2012. Please take a look and let’s celebrate their success!

Carter Wilson
FINAL CROSSING (Vantage Point)
June 2012
Rudiger has committed atrocities even he cannot explain. God has told him he must crucify The One to bring about the Final Judgment. Thus sets off Rudiger's horrifying journey across continents in hopes bringing an end to the world, one crucifixion after another.

Gary Lawrence
Q: AWAKENING (Variance)
June 2012
Q: Awakening is the provocative tale of the lost Christian gospel called Q--for the German word "quelle" (the source)--and the brilliant but damaged scholar Declan Stewart, whose destiny is inextricably intertwined with it. From the stormy coasts of New Zealand to the deserts of the Sinai, from the cobbled streets of Zurich to the desolate mountains of Syria, Declan Stewart must locate the scattered clues to solve a 2,000-year-old puzzle in a race against hostile forces that would turn Q to their own dark ends.
Blues Highway Blues

Eyre Price
June 2012

Music promoter Daniel Erickson has the blues. There’s a Russian mobster wearing his finger on a necklace, two hitmen hot on his trail, an FBI agent obsessed with his capture and a rogue motorcycle gang hunting him down as he desperately races cross-country following the musical clues he hopes will lead him to the stolen million dollars that might not be enough to save him. Or his son. His only hope for saving them both is to find the spirit of the blues.

Matthew Quirk
THE 500 (Little, Brown)
June 2012
A year ago, fresh out of Harvard Law School, Mike Ford landed his dream job at the Davies Group, Washington's most powerful consulting firm. Now, he's staring down the barrel of a gun, pursued by two of the world's most dangerous men. To get out, he'll have to do all the things he thought he'd never do again: lie, cheat, steal-and this time, maybe even kill.

Robin Gainey
JACK OF HEARTS (Untreed Reads)
June 2012
JACK OF HEARTS is a novel of literary fiction told from the point of view of a small, aristocratic dog named Shimoni.  This imaginative first novel explores themes of fidelity and honor and offers a fresh perspective of Italian culture and amore.


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waiting for those movie to release.

jenny milchman said...

Congrats to all our debuts!