Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Releases!

The first of every month we feature releases from our Debut Authors Class. Please take a look and let’s celebrate their success!
Kay Kendall - Desolation Row--An Austin Starr Mystery (Stairway Press) March 2013
It's 1968. The Cold War is hot, the Vietnam War is raging, and the women's movement is beating a far-distant drum. When Austin Starr's husband decides to protest the war by emigrating from Texas to Canada, she goes along, with the biblical dictate of "whither-thou-goest I will go" ringing in her ears. No activist herself, Austin is already homesick and drowning in culture shock when her husband is accused of murdering a fellow draft resister, the black-sheep son of a U.S. Senator.
The Mounties aren't supposed to harass draft-age boys but the truth is very different, especially when political pressure is applied by both the victim's father and the Canadian prime minister's office. They may have a reputation for always getting their man, but Austin is convinced this time they have the wrong one. Once courted by the CIA, and a lover of mystery and espionage novels, Austin launches her own investigation into the murder. When ominous letters warning her to stop her sleuthing turn into death threats, Austin must find the real killer or risk losing everything. Her love-and her life-are on the line.

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