Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preview praise for HIGH CHICAGO

A few early reviews have come in from writers who have read High Chicago, the sequel to my acclaimed debut thriller Buffalo Jump. Here are some excerpts:

"Howard Shrier starts with the canvas of a crackling good mystery, then paints a compelling portrait of modern secular Jewish life complete with its wisdom, contradictions, and abiding humor. High Chicago is often funny, sometimes violent, and always thoughtful, with a powerful sense of place throughout. Toronto may have just found its Spenser in PI Jonah Geller, and I can’t wait for his next case."
--Sean Chercover, award-winning author of Trigger City and Big City, Bad Blood

“Shrier's first Jonah Geller mystery was terrific; High Chicago is even better.”
--Linwood Barclay, bestselling author of No Time for Goodbye

“Jonah Geller is hardly your standard issue private eye—equal parts Rambo and Spenser, with the wisdom of a world-weary Rabbi thrown in. He returns for more beatings, bullets, and betrayals in High Chicago, a fast-moving and violent tale that proves your deadliest enemy is probably the person sleeping right beside you. It takes more than his devotion to his Jewish faith, or his expertise in martial arts, to survive this time. I hope he returns for a third book...but considering the punishment he's endured in the first two, I doubt he could survive it."
--Lee Goldberg, author, TV writer-producer and blogger

“A plot brimming with greed, deceit, violence and murder makes High Chicago a fast-paced, entertaining read.”
--Jose Latour, author of Crime of Fashion, Havana Best Friends and Havana World Series.

Howard Shrier 's first novel, Buffalo Jump, which introduced Toronto investigator Jonah Geller, was published to rave reviews in June, 2008, by Random House Canada. The sequel, High Chicago, is slated for July 2009. Howard now lives in Toronto with his wife and sons.  

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Karen Dionne said...

Wow - that's terrific, Howard. Congratulations. Wishing you MUCH success with number two!